About us

Pashmere brand is produced and distributed by the historical knitwear factory Galassia based in Perugia, founded by the nobleman Meno Galatioto Rosso and his wife Mariuccia in 1965.


The company is one of the most historical among the “Cashmere district”- area which surrounds Perugia in the Umbria region- and is well-known for its strong traditions and high quality craftsmanship of cashmere garments. To this day the company is still managed by the Galatioto family, now in its third generation.

Best quality Cashmere and precious yarns


Cashmere and all the raw materials of the “Pashmere” sweaters are supplied by the most valuable Italian and international producers.

In over fifty years of activity, the company has established excellent collaborative relationships with the best Italian cashmere yarn suppliers such as "Cariaggi" and "Loro Piana" to ensure the best possible quality starting from the raw materials.


The long tradition and competence of these yarn producers, combined with the skilled artisan hands that have handed down the ancient art of knitwear for generations, guarantee garments made to last over time, offering maximum comfort and softness.

The ancient art of knitwear


All Pashmere garments are handcrafted in the factories of Perugia following the ancient art of knitwear, handed down for generations in the company.


The long history of craftsmanship, more than fifty years of experience in the highest quality knitwear, is carried on with restored vintage machinery such as Bentley Cotton mechanical looms together with the latest generation STOLL electronic looms.


Each sweater is designed by the corporate style office and skillfully crafted by the expert workers who carefully follow each of the twenty-five individual steps including: knitting programming,, weaving, linking, mending, ironing and quality control.

Extrafine Knitwear


Pashmere is the only brand in the world specialized in high quality extra thin knitwear “Made in Italy”.


PASHMERE has chosen in particular the extrafine 18-30 gauge cashmere, one of the most valuable and demanding materials in high end knitwear.


Light garments made of Cashmere and precious yarns are very refined and no-season.