Cashmere yarn is a very delicate and valuable type of wool, so it is good to take the utmost care in its storage and especially in washing.

If treated well, Cashmere is able to last a long time, and maintain its value and splendor for as long as possible, of course sooner or later all yarns tend to age and deteriorate but in the case of Cashmere there is no need to rush it.

This brief guide is written to share our experience regarding the washing of 100% Made in Italy knitwear garments made of the finest quality pure cashmere (e.g. sweaters, scarves, suits, dresses etc.)



  1. How to Wash Cashmere by Hand
  2. How to wash cashmere in the washing machine
  3. How to dry and iron cashmere sweaters
  4. Conclusions




How to wash Cashmere by hand

Hand washing is in theory most appropriate for a delicate fiber like cashmere, and it is important to follow a few steps carefully for the best result:

  1. Soak the upturned garment in a basin of lukewarm water into which you pour very little detergent for delicate wools. It is important to select a very mild detergent so as not to ruin the fiber.
  2. Massage the knit carefully, avoiding rubbing or twisting, trying to handle the garment as gently as possible.
  3. Leave in water for up to 20 Minutes.
  4. Always rinse as carefully as possible with running water, preferably lukewarm.




How to wash cashmere in the washing machine

It is also possible to wash cashmere in the washing machine, always with the utmost care according to the following steps:

  1. Turn the garment inside out and/or use a special bag.
  2. Set a wash for wool and delicates at low temperature, a maximum of 30°.
  3. Add little detergent for delicate wools.
  4. Best to exclude the spin cycle.




How to dry and iron cashmere sweaters

For drying, no direct sun or heat sources: a horizontal surface where the garment can be laid out and a little healthy patience will suffice!

No special ironing process will be necessary at this point, and in case, we recommend putting the garment inside out and using a low temperature of the iron.

For the best storage and maintenance of Cashmere garments, use a protective bag and store the garment in closets or drawers, avoiding exposure to direct light sources.





Cashmere is a fine wool that can last over time if cared for and treated with the right care, we hope that this brief guide will be useful for you in washing, drying and ironing and maintaining Cashmere knitwear.

Should you still have any doubts or questions on the subject, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to share our many years of experience.